We provide simple but effective tools for small and medium-sized firms, free tools to help day-to-day operations.


SEI Consulting ‘s Financial Budget: free Excel demo

Cash flows represent an essential driver to check a company’s health: the medium-long term survival is indeed possible only if the economic result (potential) is proceeded by a cash result (real).

SEI Consulting has developed an easy and intuitive tool through which forecasting cash flow tendencies related to the different operating areas of the company starting from the economic budget and the final balance sheets and profit and loss available.

Fill out the form and download immediately the financial budget demo version, you will also find references to get the complete and customised version of the model.


Assessment 4.0: request SEI Consulting’s check-up 4.0

Fill out the form, then a SEI Consulting’s operator will call you to arrange a meeting with our advisors. After a due diligence, our advisors will explain your position compared to the standard of Industry 4.0 and will help you to choose the most important investments.


Financial statement new OIC 10 and annual report analysis: free excel file

All you have to do is fill out the form and download immediatly the file


Starting from accounting and production indicators, kaizen cost shows critical issues related to the core product and gives effective tools for improvement in supply of raw materials, process and flow management.

Fill the form and download the model created by Sei Consulting’s performance and lean management specialists. You will get for free a basic and pratical tool that will lead the continuous improvement focusing on most important saving opportunities.



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