Our internal division with resources dedicated to research, which works in close collaboration with the University of Brescia, constitutes a permanent observatory of analysis of the business environment of our zone, which allows us to always be up-to-date about the real needs of companies.



We are organizational partners with Spazio Controller, the initiative of the Osservatorio sulla Crisi [Crisis Observatory] and on the Recovery Processes of the Economics and Management Department of the University of Brescia active since 2014 and aimed at business owners, managers, professionals and anyone interested in management control.

Spazio Controller periodically organizes workshops and meetings, with the goal of fostering a structured and systematic exchange of experiences among the participants.

You can find the events of Spazio Controller in the Events section

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Starting in the month of December SEI Consulting has been making a quarterly report available to companies which provides information about the general economic trend of Italy and the Eurozone. The main goal of the report is to illustrate the general conditions in which companies find themselves operating in. The analysis is an internal re-elaboration by the Research & Development Department of SEI Consulting from data from the Bank of Italy, ISTAT and Euribor rates.

For further information contact the SEI Consulting Research & Development office – Dott.ssa Estela Halili –


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