We implement systems of analytic accounting and management control that are coherent with the complexity of the company, we help the management to define objectives based on key indicators and to measure performance, we develop balanced scorecards to help company governance.

Support in understanding the company’s profitability

Models for calculating product cost

Criteria for the allocation of overhead costs

Calculating the costs of inefficiency due to the lack capacity utilization

Pricing policies and strategies

Defining the contribution margin

Choices of advantage based on the contribution margin (make or buy, production mix, break-even analysis)

Systems for calculating the cost of the product/service integrated with process costing

Identification of the cost centers and cost drivers

Calculating the cost of the product/service

Calculating and analyzing all of the process costs (from production to logistics) and of the business activities (from planning to administrative activities).

Activity Based Costing and Activity Based Management

Analytic accounting systems aimed at continuous improvement

Development of economic budget models with company’s management and analysis of variances

Support with developing forecasts;

Defining key results and performance connected to the rest of company-system (alignment of individual objectives and overall company objectives);

Defining efficiency goals;

Implementation of budget models with various alternative scenarios and of the analysis of variances;

Support in creating the management and organizational conditions necessary to achieve the established goals;

Periodic review of the plans, with a check of the relative state of progress;

Defining incentives linked to the extent the agreed upon objectives are achieved.

Identification of critical factors of success, measurement, enhancement and development aimed at improvement

Identification of the factors critical to the company’s success (Key Performance Indicators)

Implementation of suitable measurement and monitoring systems of the KPIs

Processes to improve the company’s KPIs

Implementation of control models that provide a complete approach to the company governance

Organizational analysis and analysis of the information needs

Design of the data warehouse and sharing with the company

Design of the system for the processing and normalization of data

Software selection

Development of the data warehouse with the normalization and integration of data sources

Implementation of the data model onto the adopted software

SEI Performance Management