The interventions of organizational consultancy in a company involve numerous elements: the structure of the company, interfunctional relationships, decision-making processes and the dominant organizational culture, the key element to any change.

Alignment between strategy and organizational structure

Verifying the coherence between strategy and the organizational structure

Functional and motivation of the departments; communication between departments

Plans of improvement for the organization, the functions, and the employees

Accompanying the transition: mergers, acquisitions, generational handovers, new organizational and strategic assets

Incubation: drafts of Action Plans, Governance and Communications plans

Planning: Workshops to involve the staff and prepare for writing the Operational Plan

Execution: launch and realization of individual projects, checking them, measurement of results and corrective actions

Effectively managing the new context by improving the motivation and performance of the team

Observing the client and developing effective communication

Observing one’s own approach to sales and emphasizing one’s own resources

Developing effective and positive communication

Personalized training to grow and improve the ability and potential of the key company figures

Defining the objectives and performance of each area managed

Emphasizing resources, defining growth plans

Motivating collaborators, delegating, evaluating

Developing effective communication; managing conflict, public speaking