What to sell, where and in what manner, these are the key questions that guide us in this activity. In dynamic contexts like these, knowledge of the market is essential to being able to make, with the right information at hand, certain strategic decisions. 

In which new markets to find a footing?
With what type of offer?
With what business model?

DEFINE the BUSINESS STRATEGIES starting from an understanding of the MARKET and its prospects

Development of business strategies and drafting marketing plans

Development of the business plan

Market studies and competition analysis

Defining advertising strategies

Defining the website content and e-commerce channels

Defining the objectives, improving the performance of the sales team and the effectiveness of the distribution

Performance analysis and defining the distribution strategies

Structuring of sales networks

Defining incentive programs

Coaching for sales agents and individual paths for improving performance

Negotiation techniques

Measure customer satisfaction and define the strategies to optimize it; design the Customer Experience

Measuring customer satisfaction and defining strategies to improve it

Creating customer experience and the related methods

Analysis of the performance of the front office staff