With the ambitious objective of supporting the company in achieving a lasting competitive advantage, adding value to the asset of knowledge and information already present in its structure, we optimize the IT tools in support of business processes and develop a culture of knowledge and information capable of identifying and managing problems, weaknesses and points of excellences.

Managing the business knowledge of the company, an inexhaustible competitive advantage

Emphasis on the competitive advantage inherent in the knowledge already present in the company

Gathering and converting that knowledge into new information

Organizing, Archiving and distributing knowledge

Use of the application SEI KM or of other software tools already available in the company

Data Warehouse and balanced scorecards, realized according to the most widespread BI tools

Data warehouse and flows of data integration

Evolved balanced scorecards on the most common BI tools (Board, QlikView, MS Analysis Services)

Pre-constructed analysis models, based on the most modern best practices

Assessment, software selection and assistance for the implementation of management systems

Analysis of IT organization and data flows

Assessment of IT systems: suitability, effectiveness, analysis of shortcomings

Software Selection for the identification of the best technology-company partner solution

Assistance with the implementation and quality control

Custom applications: development of small applications and ad-hoc solutions

Due diligence technology, temporary IT managers, cloud solutions

Due diligence technology on networks, security and IT infrastructure

Temporary IT Management for review and rationalization in medium term

Cloud solutions: implementation of Google Apps